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"I contacted Jessica to do a painting of me in my wedding dress as a thank you gift for my Mother. Jessica made it so easy for me; she came to my final dress fitting and painted while I was having the last alterations to my dress done. In such a short time I couldn’t believe how she had captured the dress, the light and the moment perfectly.

I have loved communicating with Jessica, she has been so accommodating. She listened to what I was wanting and made a perfect, treasured and timeless present for Mum. The attention to detail has meant so much, right down to the presentation of the paintings, which even included a written story of the making of my dress and the painting process" Susie (bride)                                                                                                                                                       


"Jessica’s work is truly lovely and I was so pleased to have her paint my daughter-in-law Mel in her wedding dress as a gift... I felt it was something very unique and special, a family memory that will be treasured beyond my lifetime".

    -    Amanda (Mother of the Groom)

"Every year on our wedding anniversary, I put on my wedding dress and my husband and I share a glass of bubbles and dance. Discovering Jessica’s work and being painted wearing my favorite dress was an amazing experience. The end result is not only a beautiful, authentic and unique piece of art that we absolutely love, but also the essence of a treasured memory".


(Bride - In celebration of 25 years marriage)

Mixed media on wallpaper board

"You’ve got to have your portrait photos taken for your grandchildren. But a piece of art is going to look a thousand times more stylish hanging on the wall in your home in years to come. Jessica’s art works have a timeless beauty".

    -   Louise Anderson (Wedding Dress Designer)

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Jessica Gunn - Valentino Dress 2015
Jessica Gunn - Claire I 2015
Jessica Gunn - Jess Brough
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Leah Stanley groom
Leah Stanley copy

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