Lace Luminaries

May you seek to know the vastness of your light.  

Abraham Hicks

I am inspired by light and shadow, pattern and form. 


My lace luminaries evolved from a love of fabric and hand sewing and were influenced by the sculptural processes of Louise Bourgoise and Eva Hesse. 

Each luminarie is as unique as each piece of fabric I work from. This is a delight for me, as I stitch pieces together and then build a supporting mould which allows me to apply multiple layers of a durable lime plaster that I have developed over the last 10 years to form a one of a kind standing Temple of Light.

Luminaries are individually priced, as a guide...


(300mm - 1200mm)         $180  -  $450 

Large (up to people sized)          

(1200mm - 2100mm)   $480 - $1,200



The luminaries can be gently washed in warm water.