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I see and feel luminosity in all life. 

Mixed media including Castle Hill lime
plaster on ancestral lace and
repurposed linen with LED mains
power lighting included.

Inspired by light and shadow, pattern and form.


Repurposing cloth; I love to revive the currency of handcrafted garments and home decorations. Honouring and keeping a light on what is within each of us. A Creatress.


Creating makes me feel grounded. 

Each luminarie begins as a unique piece of hand stitching. Working with one or more shapes, inspires the framework for a cone shape as support. This is a very creative process and gives me a structure to begin the layering process of a durable lime plaster that I have developed over the last 20 years.


Each one of a kind luminarie is individually priced, as a guide...


(300mm - 1200mm)         $120  -  $480 

Large (up to people sized)          

(1200mm - 1330mm)   $480 - $1,280

The luminaries can be gently washed in warm water.

May you seek to know the vastness of your light. Abraham Hicks


Jessica Gunn  

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